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Arts Business
All students take business courses to prepare them to be artistic entrepreneurs.
Artistic Mentorship
Adjunct instructors from the collegiate and professional artistic industries provide our students with a direct link to the current state of the arts world.
Hands-On Learning
With world-class facilities in our building and artistic partnerships outside of our school, students have access to professional experiences to prepare them for the real artistic world.
Capstone Projects
Students conduct capstone projects in their major art area of concentration. A culminating project where students will be encouraged to think critically and creatively. Artists develop skills in research, communication, media literacy, self-sufficiency, and professionalism.
specialized coursework
As students grow in the program, they take specialized courses to prepare them in their areas of interest beyond general arts classes. For example, a music student will take courses in conducting, arranging, and private lessons on their instruments as part of their school day.
Dual Credit / AP Course Offerings
In partnership with College of DuPage, high school students are able to receive college credit for coursework in the arts and business.
Modern Technology
As a pre-professional arts program, students have access to modern technology that prepares them for arts experiences in the real world.
Guest teaching artists are essential to our curriculum. All arts areas feature a rotation of professional teaching artists throughout the year to provide a wide scope of skills and perspectives.
Student Internships
With professional partnerships at the core of our philosophy, students are given the opportunity to partner with professional artists and arts organizations to further their education through internships.

why our students

Need Arts Education

“A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 “leadership competency” of the future.”
IBM Global CEO Survey
“Prospects for graduates from art schools today are better than they've ever been before in terms of income, their ability to survive economic turbulence and their preparedness for the job market of the 2020s.”
“Participation in arts education practices and processes can translate into the development of both artistic and social-emotional competencies, including self-management and self-discipline, interpersonal skills, and self-expression, that extend beyond arts.”
University of Chicago
“Students who study the arts are consistently higher academic achievers than students who do not study the arts.”
Journal of Aesthetic Education
“When teachers reinforce academic concepts with the arts, students learn more and score higher on standardized tests.”
Mississippi State University
“Arts students were 29% more likely to apply to a postsecondary institution than non-arts students.”
University of Maryland